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My IP address keeps changing?

When I check my IP address online it keeps changing.. I’m home and I’m in the same spot, nothing is changing. One of the IP addresses that it changes to is located in a city about an hour and a half away, and that one says my service provider is Sprint. The other IP addresses have my correct city and those say my service provider is Spectrum. My wifi is Spectrum and my phone service is sprint.. What’s going on?


They also both say “likely static”

Update 2:

And they both also have a very similar latitude and longitude.. basically the same. Are they all just my IP address?

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    You have a dynamic IP address. Simple as that. Most providers use dynamic IPs. Often static IPs are more expensive. But you can always request a static one if you want. Contact your provider.

    Note that "likely" means exactly that. All these online "reports" are just approximate. You can only expect exact data from your provider.

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    thats perfectly normal... your cell service will have a different IP than your wifi...

    the cell service is from a town a few miles away while your wifi is in you homd...

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  • A phone can connect to the internet via the cellphone network or by a wifi link to a wired router. They will have different IP addresses. Your cellphone network connects to the internet in a city an hour and a half away. Check your data roaming settings to make sure you use the cheaper service.

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    1 month ago

    Sounds normal as this happens with me also. I don't understand the technicalities. 

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    Russians are hacking you. Be careful

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