In July 2019 a UP Train carrying 2020 Model Trucks Derailed in Caliente Nevada Totalling the Vehicles. (Continued Below)?

I tried Searching but i Cant find an updste as to what CAUSED the Derailment. Cqn someone send me a Link to an Article saying what caused it Please

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  • 1 month ago

    Union Pacific Police MIGHT tell you if you ask.

    WHY do you NEED to know?

    Union Pacific Railroad Police

    1400 Douglas Street

    Mail Stop 1040

    Omaha, NE 68179

    SAD YOU cannot find an updated article online. UP Police is not required to publish its investigations to the world.


    Wanting to know and NEEDING to know are two different matters.

    You it appears do not NEED to know.

    UP Police did investigate, the track has been repaired .As train derailments go this was a very minor one.

    UP Police may share or not. They have advised those who NEED to know.

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