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Helpful tips to heal scars?

I won’t go too into detail, but I have scars from my knees that spread towards my feet and the scars only make me sad due to some memories that I won’t get into. Is there anyway I can somehow increase their healing process or somehow help the scars fade? Someone told me vitamin k lotion?? But I was wondering if anyone knew specific things or brands that were effective. Thank you!! I’m also going to be trying out for Volleyball soon (which requires you to wear shorts) and I guess I’m insecure that everyone will be looking at my legs and judging me based on the scars... rather than watch me play. Anyway, thank you so much and I’m sorry if this is vague. If it helps, the scars aren’t that deep. They’re just darker against my skin and really noticeable since I’m rather pale but they don’t protrude. They’re just darker than the rest of my skin. Thank you for your help!


I said vitamin k lol my bad!! I meant vitamin e lotion—I think 😓 sorry!!

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  • Laura
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    If the scars are old, more than a year old, they are already fully healed and there is nothing you can do. 

    If the scars are still fresh, less than a year old, you can use things like maderma and bio oil to help them heal. 

    Something lie maderma would help, this is a product that is specifically for scars, but if yours are old there might not be much of any change to them.

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