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Should I keep them?

I’m obese.  I went down a size in pants recently, to an extra large, what I originally was.  However, I’ve decided that I’m going to go from being obese to being slim (I’ll always be big and solid, but I’m meant to be a large, size 14).  Large is my version of being slim.  My question is whether I should keep my extra large and extra extra large pants too, when I’m no longer overweight, in case my weight fluctuates?  I was always fat but I became obese from my medication that I’ve recently changed.  I’ve been told I’ll have to go back on it if I ever want to become pregnant.  I want kids one day, but I’ve only just started dating my new boyfriend, so it’s far too early to even know or think about such things yet.  

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    I would keep them just in case. But it’s good to have small pants as a way of motivation to lose weight. But you never know what could happen.

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    Keeping your "fat clothes" just gives you an excuse to start eating unhealthy foods again. Ditch the clothes, and continue eating healthy for the rest of your life after you lose the weight.

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