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billy asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 3 months ago

I found a 1954-s wheat penny ,it weights 2.4 gr , it's the size of a dime and about as thick, did they make a penny like that ?

I found a 1954-s wheat penny it's the size of a dime and about as thick  and weights 2.4 gr, did they make a penny like that ?

2 Answers

  • 3 months ago

    Got photos of both sides you can show me?  I will be able to tell if you have a one cent coin that was struck on a silver coin blank that accidentally got into the dies for the cents. The dime blank is smaller and can do that. The cent blank could not be struck in the dies for the dime.

    The color should not look like a penny from that period, which would be a red copper color if new, and a deep brown color if circulated.

    The silver dime blank through 1964 weighs 2.5 grams, but a small amount of mass can be lost due to circulation wear (and your scale may not be precise).

    Because the dime blank is smaller than that of the cent, there may be some lettering missing around the rims, or there may be almost no spacing between the rims and the lettering.

    If you do have such a mint error, they are sometimes known in the hobby as the 'eleven cent piece' - a cent struck on a ten cent die. Collectors seek these out. Value will depend on the exact condition grade, which is determined by the amount of wear.  If I can see good pictures of both sides, I can estimate the condition grade. A ballpark figure for one of these is $300 and up.

    Here's an image of a silver cent next to a bronze cent:

    If it should have the color a circulated cent would have, there is a possibility that the coin was struck on an underweight bronze blank. These are known as 'rolled thin planchets' and they do occur. However, because they are so thin, the strike quality is usually poor - but the diameter should also be exactly the same as the cent, not slightly smaller like the dime. If it's one of these, the value might only be a couple of dollars.

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  • 3 months ago

    Did they make a penny like that? You ask, when you have on in your hand?

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