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Am I the Reason Him and His Best Friend Arguing?

I've been on and off with a guy.

I talked to his friend today. He said someone said my ex and I were dating but it was not the case. That there was nothing there.

An hour later I heard from the guy I've dated and said they were arguing bad. However he did not say what they were arguing about.

My ex knows his friend and I had flirted in the past.

His friend has also seen pics of me on Facebook that are flirty.

He also told me recently that he still has feelings for me.

Do you think the root cause of their arguing is because of me? Or it was a coincidence they got into a bad argument around the time they were talking about me?

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    1 month ago

    Sounds like it’s because of you. If they are friends then it’s a bit of an awkward situation. No guys wants their friend dating their ex. It just wouldn’t happen. Good guy friends would never do that. Never mind best friends. I don’t know any guy friends of mine who would even think about it, especially cuz we know what she like and it’s just a weird situation to be in. Obviously your ex still had feelings if he told you and whatever you have with his best friend. It ain’t gonna turn out good for you. If you like him then go for it be honest to your ex that it’s done. You don’t want to get labelled names. Even though you’re single. It ain’t good. I doubt they will be friends if you go with his friend. Doesn’t matter if the relationship with your ex you had was meaningless. Guys that have been with the both of you. Jealously and awkwardness. Probably gonna get real messy. I wouldn’t wanna be in your shoes lol. Good luck.

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