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3rd date happened now what?

Went on 3rd date with this girl, so we got some dessert then went to this park with xmas lights and walked around. She rode with me to go there. We talked then i mentioned about the last date (2nd) how it was odd, she said she shes sorry about it because she had to go cause of her roommate then we talked some more then drove back to her car to the dessert place.

Then she said shes leaving and said it was fun and thanked me. We hugged goodbye then i said to myself i should've kissed her then she happen to lose her keys so she checked her car if she left it inside and she went back to me and we found it on my passenger seat. We hug again then i kissed her. It was more of like 5-7 sec makeout then she pulled away and saw her smile a bit. Then we part ways and told each other goodnight.

I asked her if she got home safe and she replied later on. Now, what should I do from here? It's wednesday now and last date happened sunday. Should I wait for her to text? or what??

How do I pursue her? thank you

2 Answers

  • 3 months ago

    Always ask the question before making un requested suggestions. So call her. Never text. If she texts you and you respond that creates a whole new dynamics of impersonal contact. You are not a text you are a voice that offers sound and context. Try to understand that until her senses are enthused by your interjections finds ways to allow your voice to find a home in her ears and in her heart. But first. Ask humbly. Would my calling you be an imposition. Confess it’s hearing your voice that makes everything said resound in my mind.

    You must make her priorities your mission and be at her beck and call. Not as a ravenous stalker but as a resolute dependable caring person. If you can understand these simple guidelines, and show you are confident in her and yourself, that all other things will fall in line to advance your relationship

    Be confident be what she wants before she knows What that is.

    Good luck sport.

    It’s a lifetime commitment choose wisely

    Next Time

    You got this.

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  • 3 months ago


    I wouldn't necessarily read that because she hasn't texted you in 3 days that it means is no longer interested, nor would I assume she is "all in" with you either after 3 dates as well.

    It's time to take a bit of a step forward here in the "dating game", you can't just keep taking her out on the town for every date! It's clear to me, you guys do have good comptability here, but the big question remains is the sexual chemistry there? I think you need to put that to the test, by no means am I saying you should expect her to put out on Date #4, but it also needs to beyond a quick peck on the lips as well. I think you should text her and invite her over to your place for dinner and a movie, you guys need a more "intimate setting" to go forward. When she's at your place, put a move on her, slip her a little tongue and see how she responds to it! Either a) she gets heavy into it and you guys can see where it goes from there or 2) She pushes you away, and ends things. Based on how everything has gone? I'd lean more towards she heats things up with you, expect her to give you some tongue action on Date #4. I wouldn't expect her thought to strip down naked and spread her legs for you on Date #4, so don't go in with that expectation, just take it slow.

    Your on the right path.

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