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This guy approached me in public but said later he is shy?

Ok I can see him being maybe shy in a sense but he literally came up to me out of nowhere and asked for my # (not like "hey youre pretty lets go out"- more like 'lets be friends'). 

Then I saw he has a GF on his profile. So I'm real confused? 

He seems like a pimp?

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    Asking for your number is confident but he can still be shy, even the shyest guys go after what they want. If they want something. Doesn’t mean he can’t still be shy. Socially or anything. If you saw he has a GF on his profile then obviously he’s just a player. Wanting his cake and eating it too. He’s probably just trying his luck. Stay away from him. He has a GF. You don’t wanna be caught up in that. Trust me. He’ll just play you too. Someone who cheats with you will cheat on you lol. Probably just a FBOY anyway.

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