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Guys & Girls: I need an opinion on something. ?

I recently added my 8th grade crush as a friend. I want to talk to him, but don’t know what to say, then it occurred to me and I need opinions. Is it weird or creepy? I hope not. We haven’t spoken since we were 14. We’re 22 now. Who wouldn’t like to hear this, right? Or would it be weird? I’ll attach a pic of the rest of the message since I’m running out of room. 

“My memory of 8th grade is pretty blurry, but I’m certain I met you in science class. For this to make sense, you should know what inclined me to randomly reach out. And I don’t mean for this to come off as strange either, so I’m sorry if it does. I mean well. But because you’ve come up recently, it came to mind how I know you. I remember you were outgoing. You tried talking to me, even though I was quiet. I didn’t know it then, but looking back, I had bad social anxiety. I’m surprised you even bothered having the patience to engage me in conversation when I wasn’t as outgoing as you. You were basically the only person I remember that made an effort. I particularly remember a few things. You once gave me a pencil when you noticed my pencil didn’t have an eraser. When I had knee surgery and had crutches, you left class early with me. And I know you probably did it to leave class early, but I remember you being the only person I’ve come to trust in the class, so I appreciated it. (Continued on attached photo)



I know to work my way up to send that message obviously. That’s not what Imma just send as the first message. 

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    If someone wrote that to me I would think she is an absolute freak. Just start simple. "Hey I remember you from 8th. Ages ago right? Anyhow you've come up recently so I thought I would say hi" Wait for him to respond then just talk like normal, don't give him that past life story it's ridiculous he will think you are a weirdo

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      I know that 😂 I was gonna work up to it, not just throw it out there like that. 

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