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Ananyah asked in HealthWomen's Health · 3 months ago

OKAY what the HECK is up with my period? or is it even a period?!?

SO..... i started my so called “period” a few days before I usually start and it’s not a normal flow, it’s a VERY light flow compared to what i usually have, it’s a dark brownish-red color mixed with watery light pink fluid and tiny bits of clots here and there.... I don’t feel the usual fatigue that comes with my normal period either like, my boobs feel fuller but they don’t feel sore like they usually would around this time but I do feel sudden pains in them throughout the day, I had cold chills earlier today instead of hot flashes like usual, and the part I got concerned about is that earlier tonight I passed a small string of pitch black blood it looked like thread and it was stretchy and scary looking it floated steady at the surface of the toilet water as the thread just dangled it looked scary..... I’d like to know what’s happening to me I’ve never experienced anything like this before this is going on the the third day........ 

1 Answer

  • 3 months ago

    You really need to see a doctor. If you don't have a doctor, go to one of the mini clinics that a lot of drugstores have. They don't charge much, and the doctors there are very competent. 

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