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Anonymous asked in HealthMental Health · 3 months ago

Am I mentally unwell or just pathetic? (Feel free to ask for any other symptoms i ran out of space)?

I have a lot to say really, ever since I was very young i haven't felt like a normal person. I've always felt like people were mocking me for being pathetic. I've always felt anxious around people but managed to maintain friendships. In recent years I've deteriorated. My mum was diagnosed with depression and all my friends called her a psycho and that is when I started cutting because I felt awful about myself. I started dating to feel loved by someone but none of the relationships ended well. When I was 16 I was raped and abused and I seriously considered ending my life. Ever since then I've been feeling what the internet describes as a panic attack almost daily, I'm in a good relationship now but I feel paranoid that he is evil and I hear voices telling me that he is. I feel like a burden to everyone involved in my life, I just want to sleep constantly. My mum is forcing me to go to university but I just want a break from everything, everyone talks down to me like I'm stupid and a few times a week I break down and I'm in hysterics. I spoke to my mum about this and she brushes it off as hormones but I can't help but feel like I need help. The only reason I've not seen a doctor is because it will make my family's life harder as my nan has cancer and my uncle recently passed away and so my family is dealing with enough. People at college mock my work because I'm studying something I'm not good at and I've skipped so much because I don't want to hurt like that anymore. Help.

1 Answer

  • Chanel
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    You are really going through a hard time. I'm so sorry that you are anxious.

    If you stay indoors too much then the anxiety will manifest itself. You will feel better for doing things.

    Tell your mother you want to see a therapist. She may have brushed you off cos she has problems also. Don't take it to heart.

    You need to see a therapist so that they can get your problems into prospective.

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