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30s- online dating, so confused?

Over a few months last year I was chatting to this guy on a dating app. We never really had very indepth conversations- just short banter every few days. At one point, we did try meet up but our schedules didn't align. The last thing he wrote to me was about what my plans were for the holiday break- I was about to message him back and ask him out, but around new years he deleted all his dating accounts which I took to mean either he was in a relationship or just needing a break from the apps. 

2 week after (2 days ago), I get a text message from him, randomly commenting about discovering some online interaction we oddly had two years ago..very quick conversation... then the next day, he has sent me a friend request.. 

I don't know what he is thinking- I don't know if he just wants to connect online because we're in the same profession, or whether he is interested.. What is something playful that I message him to suss out his thoughts? 

1 Answer

  • 3 months ago

    or maybe he just had a row with his live in partner and is testing the waters or just taking a break. he dumped u once, why do u put yourself out there again? ignore his message, move on already

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