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Help: my manager is acting kind of weird?

So today at work there were a couple instances where I needed my bosses help while him and my female manager were talking.

The first time they were talking in his office. So I waited outside the door for a few minutes. 

When they both saw me there, my female manager was like “sorry. I won’t eat up anymore of Frank’s time(my boss). Then she touched my shoulder while smiling as she left his office. 

Then the second time him and her were talking in her office. I waited patiently so I could give my boss his mail. 

So she was like “hey (my name) I’m sorry to keep taking frank away from you! In two weeks he will be old news! Then he came back said “it will likely be the opposite!” And she laughed.

So what do you think is going on? My boss is married.

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    Sounds like they may have been talking about him getting a promotion.

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