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Why Am I Constantly Being Pushed Back Financially?

October last year, I lost my job due to emotional and mental stress. I was also battling depression for almost two years. Family, friends, and everything within my personal self set me back. I was struggling with my finances, and everything was starting to feel hopeless. Then fortunately, a temp agency allowed me to get a position up until February. They got me a full time position, and I also hosted part time at a restaurant. But unfortunately because of a customer accusation they fired me without hearing my side of the story. I still had my full time position up until a week ago. My manager told me that everything is going really well, but that the place doesn't need temp anymore due to the 'turnover'. The commissioner found out afterwards that she told a complete lie because she didn't want to hurt my feelings.He was able to allow me to meet with someone who I met with a couple days ago on what type of career goals I have, and how I want to get my foot in the door. It's frustrating because I always feel like every time things are going so well, there is always something that pulls me back from being successful. Especially financially. I always feel like I'm always being financially screwed over. But is it a sign that I deserve to do what I love more than just aiming for a paycheck?

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  • Eva
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    It sounds like you need a deeper examination of your job skills. Your behavior on the job may be what's holding you back.

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