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Is the USA a dangeours place for non white people? Which states are safer and more dangerous?

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    Most of the gun violence in the US is among gangs and drug dealers. Middle class people of color are no more at risk than middle class white people. There are almost no instances of white people killing non-white people. The problem is the same all over the world- poor, desperate people are the ones who are most likely to commit crimes and the ones most likely to suffer from violent crime. And tourists are in no particular danger. There's no major difference among states- some cities have higher murder rates, but again, that's almost always people killing people they know, usually because of drugs, not random killings. Those of us who stay away from drugs and gangs are not in any danger. 

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      True except the drug gangsters are not "poor and desperate".  They are just criminals. 

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    Gypsyfish is correct and non-Whites in the USA are in no extra danger unless they buy/sell/use illegal drugs or if they associate with people who do.  

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