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IYO, Which of these are the best NFL NFC North Players in each decade?

Chicago Bears:

60s: Doug Atkins

70s: Dick Butkus

80s: Walter Payton

90s: Mark Carrier

2000s: Brian Urlacher

2010s: Kyle Long

Detroit Lions:

60s: Alex Karras

70s: Lem Barney

80s: Doug Atkins

90s: Barry Sanders

2000s: Dre Bly

2010s: Calvin Johnson

Green Bay Packers:

60s: Bart Starr

70s: Gale Gillingham

80s: James Lofton

90s: Brett Farve

2000s: Donald Driver

2010s: Aaron Rodgers

Minnesota Vikings:

60s: Mick Tingelhoff

70s: Carl Eller

80s: Joey Browner

90s: Cris Carter

2000s: Randy Moss

2010s: Adrian Peterson

You cannot pick the same player two decades. For example, I cannot say Walter Payton for both the 70s and 80s. You have to pick one player in one of an each decade.

So what do you think?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    60's: Alex Karras

    70's: Dick Butkus

    80's: Walter Payton

    90's: Cris Carter

    00's: Dre Bly

    10's: Aaron Rodgers

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