IYO, Which of these are the best NFL NFC East Players in each decade?

Dallas Cowboys:

60s: Bob Lilly

70s: Rayfield Wright

80s: Randy White

90s: Emmitt Smith

2000s: DeMarcus Ware

2010s: Tyron Smith

New York Giants:

60s: Rosey Brown

70s: Brad Van Pelt

80s: Lawrence Taylor

90s: Jessie Armstead

2000s: Michael Strahan

2010s: Eli Manning

Philadelphia Eagles:

60s: Maxie Baughan

70s: Bill Bergey

80s: Reggie White

90s: Eric Allen

2000s: Donovan McNabb

2010s: LeSean McCoy

Washington Redskins:

60s: Charley Taylor

70s: Chris Hanburger

80s: Russ Grimm

90s: Darrell Green

2000s: Chris Samuels

2010s: Trent Williams

You cannot pick the same player two decades. For example, I cannot say Michael Strahan for both the 90s and 2000s. You have to pick one player in one of an each decade.

So what do you think?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    60's: Bob Lilly

    70's: Chris Hanburger

    80's: Lawrence Taylor

    90's: Jessie Armstead

    00's: Donovan McNabb

    10's: LeSean McCoy

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