IYO, Which of these are the best NFL AFC South Players in each decade?

Houston Texans:

2000s: Andre Johnson

2010s: DeAndre Hopkins

Indianapolis Colts:

60s: Johnny Unitas

70s: Mike Curtis

80s: Chris Hinton

90s: Marshall Faulk

2000s: Peyton Manning

2010s: Andrew Luck

Jacksonville Jaguars:

90s: Tony Boselli

2000s: Marcus Stroud

2010s: Jalen Ramsey

Tennessee Titans:

60s: Bob Talamini

70s: Elvin Bethea

80s: Mike Munchak

90s: Bruce Matthews

2000s: Steve McNair

2010s: Jurrell Casey

So what do you think?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    60's: Bob Talamini

    70's: Mike Curtis

    80's: Mike Munchak

    90's: Tony Boselli

    00's: Andre Johnson

    10's: Andrew Luck

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