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Find the dimensions (dimension analysis- physics)?


Can someone please help me find the dimensions? Unfortunately my physics professor does not give many examples during lecture, and here I am stuck before the exam..

a=(b)/(c+d) where the dimension of b is [L] and the dimension of c is [L]/[T]

What is the dimension of 'a', and the dimension of 'c'?

Thank you. Your help and explanation is greatly appreciated and will be awarded 10 points:)

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    The dimension of 'c' is given in the question - L/T

    Assuming since 'c' and 'd' are summed inside parentheses that they have the same dimension, their sum has the same dimension as well - L/T

    So the dimension of 'a' is L÷(L/T) = T

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  • Vaman
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    Dimension of a= L/(L/T+L)=1/(T+1)

    The problem is wrong. a has no proper dimension.

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    c has to be the same as d, as they are added. L/T

    a has dimensions of L / (L/T) = T 

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