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Any women who had a baby die and had another one soon after? I'm not, just asking to read about it. A few women I know told me they have?

And I was given a paper at hospital that said 1 in 4 babies die of miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. As well as read statistics online. I have no plans to. I dreamt that I had another child and was upset bc the baby wasn't the one who died and wasn't trying to have a new one. and before sleeping, I had been reading too much stuff about women saying that their dead child came back as the form of another child. So in the dream, my actual baby that I gave birth to said he was coming back as another child. In a really odd voice, a distorted child voice. The dream was just really weird. Then I was like what on earth, bc suddenly I had another child but was sad bc the baby wasn't him. I don't plan to have any others, just interested to know about women who have and how soon after.


Really not sure why I want to read about it, even though I'm not planning to have anymore children. I guess so I will feel better that I am still able to have children, as I just started my period after postpartum. Even though I have no intentions of doing so.

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    My friend had a very sick baby, died soon after her birth and she got pregnant again 2 years later i think...she lost the baby when we were in college, she was engaged when the class got together again and the next year she was pregnant... yeah, that baby is healthy but she’s not sad about it really, she was upset at the time but she always wanted to be a mother more than anything

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