What are yourthoughts on trap music?

as in the modern trap music that the 2011s started not the southern ti or yung jeezy versionrom t 2000s or about c ugs. Im talking about the popular style and beat of hip hop that consist of mumble rap but not exclusivley to, the electronic beats and this certain form pf rapping and singing the modern hip hop and r & b community is doing still. Heres my opinion I dont hate trap or trap artists i do like many songs and some i dont like but I am not a fan of everybody doing it and many rappers and singers who havent been that style suddenly swich up . Im not against swiching up and moving in wit da times, but da fact dat when you hear on da radio all the songs sound the same. same beat and style of music voices. its so cliche generic monoton and some just plain corny. Even the councious and underground artists do this. Eminem is doing this too sort of. The very few current artists that arent on that trap hype i respect that they havetheir own style and beats. But this over use of trap is ridiciculous and theres no diversity of music sounds in hip hop. But thats just my opinion whats yours?

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  • 1 month ago
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    I absolutely despise it. When I was young, I pretty much listened to the radio and the biggest hits they had back them, because you really weren’t able to listen to music wherever, whenever, at the time. This occurred until 2014 or so when music shifted from being more influenced by rock to being more influenced by hip hop. I didn’t hate the hip hop music, but it just wasn’t my ideal kind of music. Eventually, trap took over and I hated it because people were getting so much attention for mumbling over the same silly beat. I hope the genre dies out in the next few years and gets replaced in the mainstream by a revival of 2000s sounding pop rock

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