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Can dark brown dye cover pink?

So yesterday I decided that I was finally going to bleach and dye my hair pink after wanting to for years. Long story short, it came out incredibly uneven and I have full blown chunks of light brown still left in my hair. My hair still feels pretty healthy (not as healthy as it did before but I think a deep condition will help a lot) but I can’t bear to walk around looking like this. I have a party to go to tonight and a date tomorrow morning so I really need to fix this. Could I potentially just put a dark brown dye on top and go brunette?

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  • You should see a professional to get your hair bleached, if you've never done that before. Fade out the color as much as you can or remove it. Fill it in with a red dye then dye it brown. If you're using box dye, usually they come with a conditioner that you should use after dying your hair. If you put brown over pink it could turn out looking a bit green. 

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  • 1 month ago

    yes it should be able too

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