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My zodiac and physical appearance (no rude comments please!)?

Ok so I’m a Sagittarius, my ascension sign is a Capricorn, and my moon sign is Gemini. I have dark brown hair (naturally curly), big dark brown eyes, tan/caramel skin, full lips, slim body, and 5’5. I heard that the ascension sign determines appearance and how you present yourself to others, so I’m wondering if I fit the typical appearance of a Capricorn rising because I’ve heard that we’re hard looking and serious looking and I’ve been told that I look serious sometimes, even though I’m not. Also that we don’t look that attractive or have long noses. Idk. My nose is kind of long (I hate it) so I guess. Now I feel ugly for being apart of this ascension sign. What do you think? If you want more info on my birth chart to get a better idea here it is:

Zodiac sign Sagittarius - 12th House (19° 49')

Ascendant / Rising sign Capricorn (6° 57')

Moon Gemini 6th House (22° 19')

Mercury Sagittarius - 11th House (11° 57')

Venus Aquarius - 1st House (3° 44')

Mars Libra - 9th House (22° 50')

Jupiter Gemini - 5th House (4° 22')

Saturn Taurus - 5th House (25° 46')

Uranus Aquarius - 2nd House (17° 47')

Neptune Aquarius - 1st House (4° 40')

Pluto Sagittarius - 11th House (13° 2')

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    1 month ago

    Rude or do you hate truth?

    Genetics are a proven fact. We tend to look like our parents, not ‘typical' stereotypes. Which are based on mythology and whatever are pulled from posteriors.

    Can’t take this seriously because we’re in the entertainment section of Yahoo. If you’re serious about the Tooth Fairy science, this is the worst place. You should be dealing with a professional astrologer. Not anyone here.

    Did you take a good look at the past questions and answers in this section? Insulting and bickering. It’s impossible to validate the alleged qualifications. Which person do you accept? First, only, or the one you like best?

    Edit: Obviously the first. Amazing how you got an instantaneous and detailed answer. Most astrologers say they need hours or days to examine a chart.

    Well, you're no longer anonymous. Ask a question and everyone can answer, Yahoo rules. Maybe you’re not stupid but certainly credulous.

    Also if you did pass your science classes, there is zero evidence for astrology. No one that promotes astrology can show it works and how it works. Such evidence would be more historic than landing on the Moon.

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    The notion that the rising sign determines appearance has some truth to it. Someone with Leo rising might have a full head of hair, for example, or a proud way of carrying herself. What's more important for appearance is what planets are conjunct to the rising sign, or in the first house. The ideal planet for this is Venus,and in my own experience, every person with Venus rising or in the first house has not only been beautful/handsome but talented as well, usually musically or artistically. Your Venus in the first house probably gives you an intelligent, open face, and her conjunction to Neptune probably gives you so called bedroom eyes - it also generates many romantic dreams, many of them involving the public (by this I mean dreams about having an impact on society, etc.)

    If you'd like a complete interpretation, contact me and we can discuss rates.

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      I would like to discuss more 

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