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so im in 9th grade high school, ive also been home schooled since 6th grade, my dad never liked the public schools, so were planning on moving across the country (Turkey) the reason my mom wants to move is for us going to school, i also have a 4th grade sister and my dads planning on making her home school.

So last night my mom found a school in turkey and its a really great school with everything she needed, but you pay $700 a month for me and $500 for my sis. Oh and btw were a very wealthy family. SO my dad said no let them stay home schooled and i hear my mom yelling and crying saying hes basically locking us up and he doesn't give us any freedom and how when we grow up and remember our childhood we wont remember anything good, and my mom said the only reason dad doesn't let us go is because hes greedy, ( he is tbh) and my mom told him look at everyone spending money for there kids and helping them create there lives, nd he was just arguing and hung up.

what do i do in a situation like this? 

Im just hurt...mentally

and pls dont be mean or rude im not in the mood

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    I'm sorry you are going through this. Unfortunately there is not much you can do imo. If dad is just greedy and refuses to spend money on his daughters to go to a good school, there is not much you can do.

    You can TRY and reason with him. BUT before you do, talk with mum and be absolutely certain you are truly "very wealthy". Make certain $14,400 a year is really extra cash for mum and dad. Make sure there is no other reason than dad's stubbornness.

    Good luck. Wish you well. Hopefully dad will see that investing in his children will be the best long term investment he could ever make.

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    i would just let your parents deal with it

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    I'm really sorry but this is entirely between your parents. And you cannot possibly know whether your father is really 'greedy' or not, unless you have access to the family financial accounts.

    Surely the fact that you're being home schooled needn't mean you're being 'locked up'.

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    Tell us how we can help. Be explicit.

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