Was Lewis Collins ever approached about taking the role of James Bond?

I suppose this is a question for slightly older people but I was thinking, back in the early 80s when Roger Moore was coming to the end of his time as Bond, around about then I think he would have been a perfect Bond. He had the looks, he was English and he was a decent actor. Don't you think he would have been a perfect Bond back in the 80s?

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    1 month ago
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    In 1982 he auditioned for the role of 007 with Eon Productions, the highly successful James Bond global cinema franchise, to succeed an aging Roger Moore, but the audition with its producer Cubby Broccoli did not go well and he was rejected as being "too aggressive".

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      Back in Roger Moore's day they went for a suaver, lighter more comedic Bond.  But I think Collins would have been a superb Bond.

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