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What cat breed lives the longest? ?

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    Longevity has NOTHING to do with breed. I've had a Persian live to 16, an Exotic Shorthair to 15 and a no breed domestic to 22 years, 7 months. It's all about how well YOU take care of them and keeping them indoors. But cancers, diseases can kill younger cats so there's no guarantees even then of a long life.

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    Calico cats live the longest

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    One that is well-cared for. It does not need to be a purebred, and those with extreme characteristics may have shorter lifespans, such as pushed-in noses, etc. Some breeds of purebred cats have heart issues.

    Find a nice kitty from a shelter or rescue league and take good care of it. Feed it a good cat food, including some canned in the mix. Provide a cat tree for climbing and scratching.

    Take kitty to the vet if it acts "different" than normal such as: too sleepy, not active, not eating well, urinating outside the litter box, losing weight, etc.

    Cats who have the option of going outdoors for a few hours per day can live up to 20 years, if neutered and not near a busy road. Indoor-only cats may live up to about 16 years, or so. A cat kept outside and not allowed inside will have a very short life, and not terribly happy.

    It will depend greatly on your understanding of your own cat, and intuition if the cat seems sick. Good vet care is important.

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    Burmese. The official holder of the record for the longest living cat is a 35 year old Burmese.

    Source(s): Google.
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