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should i just back off now ?

been friends with this guy for five years cause i dated his buddy for a few years(tho neither of us talk to him anymore) recently we started chatting on facebook then hanging out..i shared a bed with him one night but we just talked and thats it. he asked me to hang again after and we did, i could tell he maybe wanted a kiss after our time together but also he got out of a year long relationship 3 months ago so i dont wanna be a rebound. There will be days that go by with no communication (except for facebook/instagram likes) until i hit him up again, so i figure i will just stop completely and see if he reaches out..?

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    I mean, why?  You guys have made no romantic gestures toward each other, there has been no kissing or sex or intimacy.  You are right to be cautious, he is recently single.  I mean, I just don't see a point in playing games like that when the man isn't sending you any mixed signals really.  Chances are, he enjoys your company and he is enjoying hanging out with you.

    The question I guess is, how do you feel about him?  Do you want more?  If you do, then I would advise you just talk to him about it and see what he says.  People need to be more open to communicating how they feel, the wait and see if he reaches out game is cliched and really should only be used if someone is being hot and cold in a romantic relationship.  You don't know where he stands on any of this, so why don't you talk to him about it?

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