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TRUMP - OBAMA - BUSH - CLINTON - BUSH .. etc., etc.: When is this country going to elect a President that isn't show folk, an idiot or crook?

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    Yeah, that's a good question.

    Have you ever really been happy with your presidents?

    Here in Australia we have had 8 prime ministers since 1990, and all of them sucked.

    One might almost suspect that "democracy" needs an overhaul...

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  • You have to be one of those three to want to be President

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    Obama was none of those things. Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford are and were very good people, Jimmy Carter just ran out of time as the Iran hostages coincided with his election, most people would look back and see him as much better than as seen at the time, he cared about the environment decades before it was "a thing". 

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  • You're very picky. These are professionals who win the majority vote (be it the electoral college or people)

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  • 1 month ago

    Likely when the majority of voters stop being the same.

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