I discovered a pea-sized lump on my right leg? I’m concerned! ?

Hi all, 

I’m in my late 20’s (going on 29yo in March) and while on vacation in Europe last week (Jan 8 or9th) I discovered a pea sized lump in my right leg near the hamstring or bicep femoris muscle. Anyway, I was lying across the bed and had my right leg at an angle. I forgot what happened, but my leg felt a bit tender and sore in that area. I might have been massaging my leg when I discovered the pea sized lump. I thought it was a bruise at first or a pimple at first because it was a bit tender upon touch. Now that I am back in the states, I checked the lump again and it still fills pea sized and tender. Can’t tell if it’s soft or hard. Maybe it just feels firm and in place. 

I’m a bit worried because I did a google search on what this might be and the results are coming back pretty hopeless and depressing. I should note, I did Do ALOT of walking/some hiking in Europe on uneven terrain so not sure if that has anything to do with it. I was just on vacation for 17days and don’t recall feeling it before my trip. It’s not at all visible. It’s only something you can feel. Truly, this has put a damper on my mood and is making me concerned. I don’t believe I have lymph nodes in that area either to say it’s an infection. I did also come down with a cold or some sort while on vacation too and am still recovering from it. Doesn’t feel like it’s getting bigger or smaller and can’t recall if I did injure myself. 

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