Boyfriend has a fiancé I didn’t know of? ?

 I found out and told the fiancé that him and I were in a relationship. He convinced us that he loved both of us, and he shouldn’t have cheated on his girlfriend with me. He said that he kept the relationship with me despite the fact that it was long distance bcuz he was unhappy with his girlfriend aka current fiancé. Guys, during our 1 year relationship I tried so many times to break up with him but somehow we always ended up coming back together. At this point everything puzzled me bcuz I just didn’t understand why he would continue a long distance relationship with me and invest himself emotionally if he had someone he was going to marry. Until this very moment I question if it was ever love. Anyways he choose his fiancé and yes I wonder if he loves his fiancé if he cheated on her with me bcuz he was unhappy. though it’s painful I know that God protected me from a cheater. Im working on moving on because I just don’t tolerate cheating no matter what kind of guy you are. I just need input, advices and thoughts, 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

     A female is spelled fiancee (2 ee's).  At first, I thought you were saying he had a boyfriend.  On the rest, it's obvious what happened here.  You've only known him a year and it's been long distance?   What you need to realize, and it should help, is that this guy was a total stranger to you.  Nobody can get to know another person until they have more day to day type exposure.  Then you see how they handle adversity, how they treat others, etc.  What you had might have been fun in the moment, but it's a trap for a lot of people because they become too emotionally invested before they truly know a person.

    That's what happened here.  He asked his fiancee to marry him, meaning she's excited and starting to plan a wedding.  Meanwhile, he's cheating on her.  Regardless of how he made you feel with texts or Skype, none of it was real.   Also, I couldn't read the screenshot, so I don't if anything important was mentioned in that.  But I doubt it changes the basic facts.

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  • 1 month ago

    The fact that your moving on is the most important thing, your not fighting for someone who isn't worth fighting for.  The answer to your question is no he does not love his fiancé, not if he carried this secret relationship with you.

    Too expound on that, he never loved you either.  You simply filled a need for him that he wasn't getting from his fiancé.  That's all cheating is ever about, its filling a need.  That need could be physical or emotional, but that's immaterial.  It is selfish thing to do none the less.  He did you a favor and chose his fiancé, you did nothing wrong in any of this.  You got burned, you gotta let this make you wiser and move forward.

    • Jaria1 month agoReport

      Thank you for your response 

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  • Dave
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    That was a painful read.... 

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