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What does this mean?

I had this thing with a guy 6 months ago at work, it was just a lot flirting and probably looking suspicious to whoever watched the work cameras haha but we liked each other but it was too complicated to pursue and for one he was 15 years older and that made him really uncomfortable, he was like people will think I’m a perv (which I get, I think it’s too large of a gap as well but I liked him more than anyone else I had met) anyway he ended up getting a new job and I hadn’t spoken to him since. After he quit work he went silent on Facebook for a month when he usually shares things everyday but after a few weeks he started to post like normal. Anyway a week ago I decided to call him and see if he was okay, I don’t think he sounded like himself most of the call and at some stages he sounded sad (he had gotten emotional at work in front of me before so I know he can be sensitive) anyway he hasn’t posted on FB since our phone call except one thing about the weather that his son had shared on his timeline so I know he hasn’t blocked me from seeing things plus I feel like he probably doesn’t even know you can do that haha anyway why has he gone quiet since our phone call? Does he hate me or something? I want him to be happy. I’m going to leave him alone and not call him again since for some reason I think it’s affected him. I’m not sure why or how it’s affected him.  But yeah, what does his silence mean? If anything? 

Thanks in advance. 

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    I'm not sure what it means but from what it looks like I don't thinking you calling was anything but sweet. He might've sounded sad because of other things going on in his life which you have nothing to do with. If you're still like him then go ahead and text him if you can meet up somewhere to catch up. 

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