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What are my chances conceiving? ?

I use the app clue for years to track my period and it’s pretty accurate. I’ve been trying to concur for a year and nothing. I recently bought the conceive plus pills. I started taking them January 2 till now. I started my period January 6-9. My periods are normally 4 days about, and every 23-24 days. On the app it says my fertile window is January 12-18th. I had sex January 10th and 11th (right after my period) then the 15th and 16th and 17th. (17th is the big fertile window) I even tried sitting my legs up against a wall and slept with it in me ! Do you think I’ll conceive?

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    I wish there was a for sure answer to this, if you are having sex in your most fertile days you are doing everything right, if you don’t get pregnant I would go to the doctor you could have something like endometriosis which can affect odds

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