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Why the hell do random people laugh at me? ?

I never stand there chatting about random people I see. If one of my mates starts chatting **** in my ear about a random person that’s right before our eyes, I don’t even feel comfortable entertaining that ****... like what’s the point? 

I know you’re gonna say I’m paranoid but for real random people chat **** and laugh. Like yesterday I’m doing my own thing, walk into the boxing gym after some kickboxing lesson has ended so I can get some rounds in on the bag - I say hello to the trainer in there, explain that I’ve just finished a weigh lifting session and was gonna do some rounds and I turn around to some loud laughing, this fat girl and some dyke are stood there howling at me. I didn’t even ask why they’re laughing at me, I just turned back to the trainer to continue what I was saying.

But it ain’t just that, the other day even in the weights room there’s this trio of 25-30 year old guys blatantly stood their chatting **** and laughing at me. Seriously I feel to walk over and spark one in the nose next time. My forms impeccable so they can’t be laughing at that. 

Before this at my old gym I went to I noticed this boy whisper into his mates ear while looking at me, blatantly chatting **** and I let it slide like 3 times because I don’t want it to look like I’m tryna bully a weasel. When’d I look over he’d suddenly stop that’s how I know. I did eventually speak to him and he denied it. 

There’s so many random instances & soon I’m gonna get myself into a lot of trouble

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    Just be thankful that everyone isn't laughing at you.

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