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Is my friend seeking attention? ?

We’ll call him John. Is this possibly an inferiority complex of some kind? Keep in mind he is fairly socially awkward as well, but that’s okay with me. He will only pick the biggest and most expensive name brands he can find and only talk about those brands. Will not purchase items unless they are ridiculously expensive, regardless of the quality and emphasizes on the price when telling me about what he purchased. Tries extremely hard to relate on nearly every subject including claiming to have done things that he has already admitted he’s never done in the past or saying he’s heard of bands, songs & movies that I know for a fact he hasn’t ever heard of. Usually has a better story to compete with yours. He was comparing two items at one point that were identical in ways but chose the most expensive, go figure. I asked why did you choose the more expensive one? To stand out? After a brief minute, he did admit it was to stand out. Basically for attention, I assume? Beats me. I have a lot of very nice and expensive things but I try to be humble about it and not brag much, it looks very tacky and can come off as only buying those things for the sake of recognition. Does he have an inferiority complex or am I just heavily mistaken? I’m a secure and confident person. I don’t act this way nor care what others think of me. His expression is quite the opposite. Would you call him out on it and tell him that this behavior is cringe and obnoxious or just let him go and cut ties?


He has not had much social attention in the past. I do believe he could’ve been bullied in the past when he didn’t live here. Could this behavior be related to those possible incidents? Kid is nice as can be and overall a great friend but these flaws are silently killing our friendship.

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    He said it himself. He wants to stand out and look richer than other people. He may have an inferiority complex and be a compulsive liar as well.

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    He just buys these things to show off.

    It could have been bullying or some trauma.

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    Sounds like a narcissist. Do a little research and see if it fits.  

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