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Just a rant ?

My boyfriend of two years broke up with me two weeks ago. He told me he didn’t love me as a person more of just the idea. I spent two years with someone you couldn’t love my flaws and never knew it. I noticed somethings that bothered him about me but I figure he just overlooked. So our last month together, he was friends with this girl that he was helping to get a job where he is now. I trusted and figure you know he wouldn’t flirt with her or whatever. He only hung out with her once behind my back. Not sure whether to believe if he cheated or not. I have a gut feeling he would never have done that. He said he was helping her with homework and wouldn’t answer his phone that night. So who knows he probably was. In that last month, that’s the only time he hung out with her. He did talk to her everyday and I could see in him his feelings for me were fading. I thought it was because of his new job, and he was just going through a big change. He blames the break on that he needs to work on himself because he never treated me well. I always thought he did well but he was an *** towards the end. Two weeks after this breakup he starts hanging out with her. Going to her house and posting stories on his Snapchat.  In my mind I knew that is why he left me but he said that was never the reason. I hope she is just using him to get this job. She also just got out of a long term relationship so maybe she just using him for a rebound. It feels that two years meant nothing to him.. 

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    Assuming he's basically a good guy, it's always hard to end a relationship.  I doubt the 2 years meant nothing to him, because that's a long time.  If it was 6 months, maybe.  But if he's ready to blow it up, obviously he knows he owes you a reason.  If the reason is he fell for someone else, this is really hard to say to someone.  So he tries to find another reason that is still probably true, but lets you down more gently.  In college, I had to break up a 4 year relationship, and while I had already moved on, it was gut wrenching as I tried to figure out the best way to tell him.  TBH, my version wasn't that different from what he said to you.

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  • Jason
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    1 month ago

    sorry...i really hate the whole, "i need to work on me" bullshit that guys give to honest and forthright with someone, everybody has earned that much.

    • MrWakeup
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      It is not just a guy thing.  Girls use that line too. But yeah it is kind of like the polite way of saying I don't like you.  So it's easier to say I don't like myself and that's why I am breaking up with you than to be hurtful and say well I'm leaving you because you suck.

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