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Is it normal to not be able to speak and feel tired after vomiting?

I have been tired today and was abit dizzy earlier then vomited. I  sufferer epilepsy but didn't have headache after so I don't think it was a seizure.

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    If you couldn't speak, but you didn't lose your consciousness, you most likely had focal seizure or absence seizure (=petit mal seizure). These are the mild forms of epilepsy. You may also have numbness / stiffening in your mouth at the same time. These mild seizures don't necesarrily go with a headache. If you take antiepileptic drugs (and you should), it is possible that they can prevent the most dangerous major seizures, but smaller ones - without fainting - may occur, with or without tiredness, panic attacks or visual aura (scintillating scotoma) etc. These are possible (less dangerous) remainders of major epilepsy while or after taking antiepileptic drugs.

    Epilepsy can cause vomiting too, but it is very rare. So if sometimes you can't speak for 1-2 minutes, it can be your epilepsy, but if vomiting also comes back regularly, it most likely has got a different, independent cause which should be examined. I'd advice you to make a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of your brain which can be made in almost all hospitals, and let's hope it will rule out the possibility of stroke or brain cancer.

    I hope this helps.

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    Vomiting is common.

    Eating too much food or drinking too much alcohol can make a person throw up.

    This generally isn’t a cause for concern. Vomiting itself is not a condition.

    It’s a symptom of other conditions. Some of these conditions include:

    food poisoning


    infections (associated with bacterial and viral illnesses)

    motion sickness

    pregnancy-related morning sickness


    prescription medications



    Crohn’s disease

    Frequent vomiting not related to any of these causes may be a symptom of cyclic vomiting syndrome.

    This condition is characterized by vomiting for up to 10 days. It is usually coupled with nausea and extreme lack of energy.

    It mainly occurs during childhood.

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