What can I do ?

So my boyfriend emotionally hurt me and I am still trying to forgive but it’s going to take time. I really love my boyfriend and want to be with him , but our relationship just isn’t the same anymore. Which hurts the most because I don’t see him the same way I once did . I already tried to talk to him about this but I don’t like to bring up the past because I’m trying to move forward. I just don’t feel good enough anymore. For you guys to say he’s with me for a reason , please don’t ... I thought a lot of my exes were also with me for a reason , yeah they wanted to cheat and keep me on the side . I’m not comparing I’m just giving an example .  Please any advice , I don’t want to leave him but that’s where I’m leaning towards  ???


I would also like to add it’s to the point where I don’t text him first anymore or even try to initiate sex with him... I let him come to me now. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Apparently what ever he did was something you can't forgive.  And if you can't, then you owe it to yourself to leave.  Once someone hurts their partner so badly that it's unforgiveable, its time for you to regain your self respect and say goodbye.

    Don't allow guys to keep you on the side, either you are their gf or you leave.  Don't tolerate cheating and learn to love yourself and not allow emotional abuse.

    Block and move on.

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