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Do I only owe the bank money? ?

Long story short I was scammed by someone that deposited checks into my bank account and withdrew all the money before the bank knew what they were up to. I wired them money beforehand (that I NEVER got back). Thing is that this person performed these acts in a totally different state half way across the country (there's proof) and made it seem like they'd made a mistake. I have only received calls from the bank asking me to pay it back but never had any cops show up or send me anything. I have no choice but to pay it back even though I did nothing except lack street smarts. Would I know if charges were pressed? I haven't heard anything and I have no way of getting a hold to the scammer. I'm sure people will talk crap but I was young and basically lived a sheltered like, I was naive at the time. 


It's way too late to file a report it's been years. I can only tell them I was scammed and pay them their money back. I really had no idea 

Update 2:

I owe the bank money because said person deposited checks and withdrew them before they cleared? And I was left with a negative balance to pay back. I honestly don't remember most of the details but they definitely did a good job pretending to be a business man. 

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    I don't understand your story.  Why did you wire money to some random person?

    And I'm not clear on why you would owe the bank money. Why is the bank demanding money from you?

    You need to explain yourself better.


    If the person deposits checks, and then gets his check money back out, that should leave you with the same balance you had before he ever interacted with your account. I don't see how your balance gets to be negative. I also don't see how the bank can blame you for that.

    • I presume that checks were forged which was not discovered until after they were cashed.  That would make the debt the account holder's problem.

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    Why did you not immediately go to the police?  Theft is a criminal offence.  If you wired money to someone,  they can use that information to trace the thief who is probably scamming people several times a day so you will be performing a public service.

    Separately yes your bank is entitled to have its money returned.  If someone borrowed your phone and left it in coat pocket from where it was stolen, you would expect the person to replace it.  This is the same.

    The bank is not going to turn this over to the police as they have plenty of ways to recover their money from you without an arrest.  Set up a payment plan.  Show them the police report.  The bank is not trying to be nasty, they will work with you but if you ignore them, they can make your life a misery for years.

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