I feel like a failure, and like i'm never going to get into college?

My grades have never been the best. They say that your hard work will show in your grades, and that is simply not my case. I feel like i work myself in school so hard and try my best to study, but i keep getting D's and F's on tests and quizzes. My current GPA is a 2.6, and i feel like no college will accept me. It stressing me out because i really do want to gt into a college and be successful, but i feel like i'm way too dumb and incompetent for any college. I don't understand what wrong with me or where to fix it. I feel lost and alone. I feel like i'm a disappointment to my whole family. I also feel like i'm the stupidest person out of all my classes. It's killing me and making me more and more depressed each day. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Step #1 is to get help.  Talk with your parents and guidance counselor about getting tested for a learning challenge (if you think that could be the issue) and getting a tutor.  Meet with your teachers to go over assignments and identify where you're going "wrong."

    A key here is identifying the exact source of the problem.  Do you not grasp the concepts or are you unable to remember information that you understood.  Are you making sloppy mistakes or do you really not have a clue what to do?  Do you have the same problem with all of your classes or is it more in the math/science or humanities side of things?

    Step #2 is to set realistic goals.  If you are a C+ student, you certainly aren't stupid, but you probably aren't academically prepared to handle university-level work. You can certainly attend a community college. Millions of people start in a CC and then either transfer to a university or go out into the work world.  

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  • 1 month ago

    Academics is not for everyone. Each person has their own unique constellation of talents, abilities, skills, interests, personality & character traits. If you are not "college material" you have you own niche elsewhere.

    You cannot be "stupid" if you can maintain above a C average through high school. Even if you are not academically gifted. You need to assess your true abilities, interests, personality & character, etc, and choose another path to success. Studying your local community college's catalog for vocational/occupational training programs might give you some ideas where you fit & would be happy as well as successful. Also examine yourself, your strengths & weaknesses, your hobbies & interests, etc.

    Remember a really good reliable plumber is blessed when they come out in the middle of the night to help a family with a backed-up sewer! And a good plumber can eventually qualify as a plumbing contractor, own their own biz, and earn more than the average college grad - on top of being blessed by those they help! College graduation is not the only route to happiness & success.

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  • Will
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    1 month ago

    Don't sweat it. I was terrible in high school as well, never went to college, and now I am the youngest homeowner of a house in my entire immediate and extended family at the age of 25 and also the most financially successful at such an age due to no debt until now with a home mortgage and a 800+ credit score.

    I started off in skilled trades, but ditched it because of unsafe workings conditions that companies didn't care about. Now I drive a truck locally.

    College does not guarantee success. Most college grads are unemployed for a year after graduating and then fall behind on paying off student debt. They are unemployed because they chased after their dream job which the market might not have actually needed and therefore left them struggling to find employment. 

    I'm sure you have heard about the trucking industry struggling at the moment, but that is strictly long hauling due to imports slowing down because of the trade war. If you drove locally for a private business like I do, such issues won't jeopardize your job. If you get a job as a garbage truck driver after high school, you will be SET FOR LIFE. The industry is not gonna disappear any time soon and due to them mostly being unionized, your pay will start off at 40K and go up each year until you max out at 80K or possibly higher depending on the company. An easy job that is very rewarding in terms of pay and benefits. CDL school cost may vary from state to state, but it should never cost more than $4000 and your high school grades don't mean ****. As long as you can pass DOT physicals for health purposes and know how to drive.

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