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Does this sound like Autism? ?

He walks around (even with shoes on) on his tip toes. He’s always flapping his arms when he talks. You can say his name MANY, MANY times and he doesn’t respond. He’s always screaming when he talks, never speaks at a normal speaking level. He won’t make eye contact with you, but will sometimes give you mean or strange looks. In public, he gives everyone strange looks. He barely eats. He’s very hyper. He doesn’t like to do anything but play video games, he never plays outside and rarely plays inside. If you can get him to play a board game, he screams and tells on everyone because if he’s losing that means we must be cheating. He also has a problem with making complete sentences, I know he’s ten, but sometimes it takes him ten minutes to get out what he’s trying to say. Sometimes you ask him something and he answers with things that have nothing to do with the topic. His guardian doesn’t see it, but he talks to them with disrespect and acts like he’s the boss.

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    1 month ago

    Perhaps his guardian knows something you don't.  

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  • 1 month ago

    Have you attempted the usual stuff like limiting video games and imposing discipline around behaviours?  Sounds like an idea to sanction his video games if he misbehaves.

    If they have not improved him, then it'd sound reasonable to approach mental health services to request a diagnosis. 

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