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What was purpose of the Ulster Plantation 1609 other then to cause sectarian tensions between Roman Catholics and Protestants?

What did the English/British gain.

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    The purpose was to pacify Ireland by colonizing a more loyal population of British people, mostly ethnic Scots, there. 

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    Two things.  Giving land to men who would otherwise not be able to afford it bought loyalty and didn't cost hard bullion so it was cheaper on the treasury.  It bought loyalty and put those loyal forces on land which the crown wanted to occupy, develop, and ultimately extract wealth from.  It also had the additional bonus of getting troublesome reivers out of the Borders (the "debatable lands" between England and Scotland) and keeping them occupied with fighting away from the mainland.  It worked to bring peace to the Borders.

    Plantation is an older term for colonialism and that's exactly what it was.  It's often been remarked that Britain used Ireland as a lab to perfect the style of colonialism they later went on to spread across the globe.  James I had tried it before as James IV of Scotland and made a terrible mess of it as the land he gave away on Skye was much poorer than his soldiers were used to.  Ulster has good land compared to where the Planters were drawn from.  Religion was not the primary reason.  If they'd been able to get away with it the English would have committed genocide but Ireland has a habit of transforming the people who settle there.  Ever since 1169 the English had a problem with their settlers "going native."  This was a push to get settlers in in critical numbers....

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