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i have a habit of ripping the skin off my fingers since i was 7...i still do it ?

sometimes its not so bad but sometimes in exams i usually rip at them with my nails until my fingers are raw and bleeding. I think its because of stress but i also do it whenever even without the stress of exams. I don't really know what and why i do it and have just realized that some do it due to OCD. i dont bite at my fingers and i stopped bitting my nails, but sometimes when my mind just wanders i find my hands just picking at my fingertips. ive tried cutting nails short but it still keeps happening, can someone please tell me what this is?

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    I had this very same problem since I was 6, and I can tell you it's related to stress and anxiety disorder. What worked for me after many years of struggling w this was therapy where I learn coping techniques for the anxiety disorder, practising meditation and mind fullness. You find yourself picking on the skin mostly when your mind is "absent" so you need to bring yourself back to the now constatly. This is a skill that requires practice.

    I've also found that this problem is also related to some self hate, like when people scratch til they bleed, or self harm in other ways. Again, this is something that has to be addressed professionaly w a therapist, but while you find a good one, you can try w meditation, there are videos on youtube where you can learn how to do it. Becoming more self aware will help you to at least catch yourself when you are doing it and stopping as soon as it happens.

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  • Marc
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    1 month ago

    It is called dermatophagia. It is related to OCD. You should seek both medical and mental healthcare for this

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