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Brandy Melville ?

I absolutely love their clothes but I know I am not their ideal body type. It really sucks because every time I go into the store, I end up feeling self conscious. Now I obsess over my weight because I really want to fit into their clothes perfectly. 

If you're wondering I am 5'5 and I weigh generally 118-123pounds. I fit into their clothes but it usually does not look like the pictures. Everything I've tried on fits but sometimes there are parts that are tight or I just don't look as good. I wish they had clothes that would fit a normal sized person but they don't. I've tried losing weight multiple times but nothing seems to work. It might just be my body type but I'm not sure. I've always done sports growing up so I exercise almost everyday if you're wondering. To give you context to prove I'm not this slow fat lazy *** my mile time is 5:45 (easy runs are 5-9miles). I'm always working hard in practice and I rarely slack off. I am far more healthy compared to other. But no matter how much I exercise or diet I can't lose enough weight to look like perfect in their outfits. I never eat dessert unless it's for a special occasion and I always eat under 2k calories . I don't know how I am going to lose 10-15 more pounds but I will try to find a way. At this point I can see only one option of starving myself but who knows lol. If you have any suggestions or comments about Brandy or what I said please let me know. Thanks!

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    Your weight and body composition should be what is healthy for your height, not what will fit you into some brand of clothing. Wear clothing that fits your body. Don't try to change your body to fit someone else's idea of an ideal size of clothing.


    The recommended weight range for a 5'5" female is 120 - 139 lbs, depending on body frame size, per this calculator By working out to add muscle, you can make your body more compact (even if your actual weight increases, you may well end up fitting into smaller sizes of clothing).


    NO piece of clothing is worth starving yourself. That's not a very good quality of life.

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