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What are the x values for 2sin^2x=-sinx for the interval [-x,x). I don't understand the domain, in terms of the graph. Which quadrants?

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    to sinx = 0 gives x = kπ where k is any integer

    sinx = -1/2 gives x = -π/6 + 2kπ or x = -5π/6 + 2kπ

    On the interval [0, 2π) there are 4 solutions

    0, π, 7π/6, 11π/6

    If we want [-π, π)

    - π, -5π/6, -π/6, 0

    π sometimes looks like x written down. Obviously you realize it doesn't make sense finding solutions in an interval defined BY those solutions. Chicken or egg...

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  • Dixon
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    My guess; it's a typo and the domain should be -π to π

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