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So I love the show the voice and one of the reasons why I started singing is because I want to tryout for the show. I’m 25 years old and I wanna try out do you think it’s to late that I stared singing so late? Is there any famous singers that started singing super late in life? I think it looks like a lot of fun. I have only taken 2 singing lessons and off course my goal is to do it for a couple years and join a choir. Do you think this is to late?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I am also 25. :P

    Can you learn to sing well? Virtually anyone can learn to sing well.

    Can you learn to sing well at an older age? Yes. However,

    1) Older people learning will generally have a harder time unlearning bad habits.

    2) '25' is around your 'peak' (regarding your life span), and it will gradually decline, so make sure to take care of your voice. It's not that you're in danger of scarring it just by talking, but ya know time is going to start going against you now.

    3) Male voices reach relatively complete maturity around 25. So vocally you're at your best in that regard. Your cartilage around muscles/ligaments will continue to ossify noticeably till around 30. This means that the squishy cartilage stuff hardens and turns to bone. 

    Imagine if the bones in your legs were sponge. You couldn't walk right, and some times they'd jiggle left, and right, very unpredictable. That's more or less the male voice till 25-30. 

    Pro: As it hardens, it becomes more stable and your voice in a sense more 'predictable'. 

    Con: As it hardens, it becomes more rigid, not as flexible, and so can be more easily damaged. Just as if you dropped a sponge versus a plate. 

    If you're asking us 'Can you learn -->in two years<--- to be able to audition for the voice?' I would say 95% no. Unless you magically learn everything 'right' from the start, and develop the muscles, control, and style with an unnatural ease, no.

    This is nothing to say of the experience you'd probably need to accumulate quickly, as well as to develop your personality and 'theatrical side'. (They're not just looking for talent, but an 'attractive personality'). So either you have to sell yourself by singing in your underwear to stand out, or you have to really create a likeable professional persona. (No, not like being fake or a diva).


    The person most suited to have this discussion with you though is your teacher, who can actually asses where you are at vocally.

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  • 1 month ago

    Age has nothing to do with it if you have singing talent. Have you asked your voice teacher these questions?

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  • 1 month ago

    No. You can't really start until your voice changes anyway, there's still hope.

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    • Angel :P1 month agoReport

      As your body grows your voice does too, male or female your voice gains more depth and if you practice range. 

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