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How much discipline should teachers be allowed to enforce in their classrooms?

Obviously teachers need to be able to enforce discipline to maintain order in their classrooms. There use to be a time when a teacher could spank an unruly student for disruption, or make them stand in the corner, make them wear a dunce cap, and etc.

Some of that, given the state of affairs regarding kids, and how contemptuous they are of authority, I think they should bring a lot of that back. It'd be a rude wake up call, but I think in the long-run kids would benefit from it.

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    Teachers should be allowed to enforce whatever discipline they see fit.

    Spankings, obviously. Rude wake-up call, as you say, but it would quickly get today's kids inline. Allow teachers to use the paddle or cane on the bare bottom, the extra pain and embarrassment will help drive the message home.

    If teachers feel that extra humiliation is required to humble the kid's ego, then they should be allowed to paddle the kid in front of the class. Seeing their friend's bare bottom paddle certainly act as a deterrent. I did in my day. Put them in the corner afterwards, with a dunce cap and a bare butt. Misbehaviour in class would drop sharply.

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