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To the people who have read Golden age superhero comics, how mature are the superhero DC and Marvel comics from the start of the Golden Age?

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    For the most part, Golden Age stories are simplistic and child-focused and thus not very mature.  They're actually kind of awful by modern standards.  

    HOWEVER, you will come across some that are massive aberrations to that general rule.  This is because the standard for 'childrens' comics was much looser back then.  People didn't coddle their children for fear of 'triggering' them.  

    There was ALSO casual racism and sexism and such that would seem shocking today but which was just part of life back then.  Again, not the norm, but every so often, it's there.

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    Golden age comics were aimed at children.  However, many of them still had serious subject matter such as child abuse, wife beating, racism, mob crime, WWII propaganda, and vigilantism that turned deadly.  

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