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What should I do?

My stepson is 3 years old and when I leave to go to work, I will kiss my husband on forehead or cheek, but don’t know if I need to kiss him on lips. I don’t know how it will affect my stepson because I’m not his biological mother. Should I just continue to kiss my husband on cheek and forehead? 

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  • RP
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    1 month ago

    You can continue, but you ought to kiss him in a way that leaves no doubt about the love you have for each other. Anything less than that is depriving your stepson of a positive role model he sorely needs.

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  • blank
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    1 month ago

    Nice of you to be concerned for his well being.  IF you are that concerned about it - discuss it with your husband and agree to move forward together.

    Personally see nothing wrong with how you kiss your husband goodbye in front of the little one.  Just so long as it is not crossing the line to "get a room" it should be okay.

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  • 1 month ago

    Kiss your husband .  Kiss the kid,  Kiss them every chance you can.  

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