How do I deal with this? ?

When I started this job, there is this chick who I worked with. Well she spoke about her friend whom I introduced myself to.  As usual since our partners alternate every year, I gift whomever I work with something to thank them. She said her friend wanted one too and me feeling unsure how to handle the situation thought about my next set of words.  Ever since then her best friend has been running around avoiding eye contact, meeting me in any direction, turning a cheek whenever my presence appears,  her friend even started to communicate with me less whenever she was around or not around.  I didn't understand it at all and I bothered me since I was just trying to be nice.  I also assumed it was because I mentioned someone who had a similar name as my partner.  So it made me feel like something was being spread, i was thinking about getting her friend something too but that behavior just suddenly turned me off.  And still this is the second year and she remains the same, whispering, turning her head, rolling her eyes, looking me up at down when I first started working.  Watching my movement just bizarre ans now my partner won't even talk to me anymore. Of course I rambled of few things, what do you expect? I'm annoyed. Also, this chick had the nerve to tap on my device to ask me a question as soon as people around me including her friend wasn't around.  Kinda sounds highschool...doesn't it? Wouldn't you be annoyed? What would you do?  

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  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago

    "Kinda sounds like highschool" collided with a Burt Reynolds character from the early 1970's. No one with any class calls women "chicks".

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  • 1 month ago

    To be quite honest, it would annoy me for all of 20 seconds before I decided I'd act like she doesn't exist. I don't put up with people who act like they're stuck at a mental age of 12. It's her problem, not yours. You're there to work, not play mental gymnastics to figure out what her problem is.

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