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why are illegal aliens given driver's licenses and tax id numbers? why their employers are not arrested?


also, when did this start becoming the norm?  they also attend schools and hospitals and get federal welfare too?  why? since when?

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    Because the levers of power in the US are wielded by businesses that scrimp on labor and payroll taxes by hiring illegals and the government sits tacitly by allowing it to happen.

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      but the IRS is cracking down on the legal citizens, but not really paying attention to the illegals? or what if an illegal alien just doesnt apply for a tax id or pay taxes?

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  • 1 month ago

    Some states do allow illegal aliens to get driver's licenses in that state. This does NOTHING to "improve road safety" or ensure foreign drivers are licensed, insured & law-abiding. It does promote a great deal of fraud! If your state allows illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses, your state's legislators need to be booted out of office! They really are guilty of aiding & abetting illegal immigration.

    Illegal aliens cannot obtain taxpayer ID numbers (ITIN) anymore. However, a bunch already have them, and most steal/forge SSNs as ITINs do not verify for employment. Identity theft, identity fraud, possession of false/forged/stolen identification, and USE of false/forged/stolen identification are all felonies. Make sure your state PROSECUTES identity theft far more vigorously!

    You're a citizen? Then VOTE out the bums in your state legislature and get public servants in there who represent the state's citizens instead of aiding & abetting lawbreakers.

    As for employers, they are fined. Check out news reports as many employers have been fined huge sums. Problem is that with true-name identity theft, their SSN verifies. Even the most diligent employer is routinely deceived & defrauded by illegal aliens because the illegals have committed identity theft! And the bums running your state have aided & abetted them in fraud by allowing them to get driver's licenses, etc.

    BTW, the majority of illegal aliens do NOT work! They are "dependents" - dependent on the proceeds from their crimes, dependent on welfare, Medicaid, Section 8 housing subsidies, free public schooling, charity including food banks, and dependent on a friend or relative who works fraudulently.

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  • Trisha
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    1 month ago

    Because they are sexier than you.

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